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Solid Hard wood Textures (light)

Solid Hardwood Textures (light)1 Insight designs
Solid wood, hardwood or wooden veneers are the perfect options for furniture 
designers, from cupboards, kitchen counter tops, wood chairs, even wooden lampshades.

At Insights because we love making textures that are gorgeous "to touch" and 
creative, we also like to deliver the best value with lots of options.

That's why in the majority of our texture packs you'll find more than one option 
or version and with the Solid hardwood textures you don't just get one or two 
styles in various shades...  

6 Different styles of wood including a "woody" (natural wood rings and grain) version 
(12 in total) in 5 natural wood colours!

TIP: Remember more colours can be achieved by adjusting the hue or overlaying different 
colours in a graphics programme (or inworld by using the colour picker) to make the 
set totally unique!

All the textures are seamless and are part of our new range of MESH Textures! 

60 seamless textures 6 wood styles including woody version - builders edition
Any questions please send an email to

Available at insight Designs (coming to the online shop soon)
Solid wood light y insight designs-1
Credits: Mesh Chest of drawers by TeddyJr Store
Wood textures - Solid Hard wood Textures (Insight Designs)
Patterned textures inside drawer - Spring Flirt Big blooms and tartan checks 
(Insight Designs)
Flowers and vase from Arctic Greenhouse
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