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Free Texture Grab Scratched and scuffed


scratched and scuffed1 free textures insight designs

Change to the scheduled Free Texture Grab (I mentioned trees and bark in our recent release!) but these are just so useful and fab that I had to share!  So handy as overlays, for adding scratches and texture to your images, they rock over any image you want to distress (if you want a lighter effect just reduce the opacity)

Each file is 2848 x 2136 and I have included the greyscale images – You can download the full set after the examples below in one handy zip file!

No credit is required (but appreciated) and as always free for commercial and non-commercial use. The full TOS can be found here.  We would love to see you stop by our Facebook page if you like our textures or you can sign up to our “mostly monthly” newsletter (over in the right sidebar)

Thanks again!



Download Textures Here
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