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Modern Mid Century Inspired Solid Colour Patterned Fabric


I am working on lots of new surface pattern designs and plan on incorporating several of my commercial surface pattern designs, which will be unique and exclusive to insight designs as well as finishing up all the new tile and wood textures I have started.  All this will come after the New Year though as I have started to feel the holidays pulling me away which is never a bad thing, sometimes the relaxing between work is great for getting new inspiration.

Before I do break for a wee holiday I have two new releases, one is for a very special Spruce Up Your Space this weekend and the other is inspired by modern mid century design, our solid colour patterned fabric textures.  I have been creating a whole set of new pattern swatches for a couple of products.  I really love making pattern squares, I highly recommend them for all sorts of uses from seamless repeats, wallpapers, blog backgrounds……if someone prods me in the New Year I’d love to release some :)

AND these just looked great as fabric textures!

With not 1 or 2 but 3 different pattern fabrics in a beautiful selection of colours inspired by the modern mid century period (very on trend) that you can mix and match!!!!

Available from Insight designs and the marketplace.

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