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Sneak peek


I have been working really hard on this next set, starting from a reference picture (I snapped these tiles down the alley of a fast food restaurant, something caught my eye so I had to go look right? :D)

I loved the colour and the texture but I wanted to take it up a level with teracotta and natural green and soft cream tones.

It started with a sketch to make the basic shapes, I stayed with squares and rectangles in a solider pattern and once the outlines were done it was down to a bit of painting and texture. I love layering textures, once the pieces all build up the effect can be awesome and I know I am on to a good thing when I would love to lay them down on my floor at home or make a mosaic table.

I am just finishing off the third variations, I always try to add at least three different looks to a pack, so you get great value for money and not just one texture with 20 different colourways (It’s not always possible with a generic fabric like velvet for example – but if I can get the weave to work differently you can guarantee I will mix them in to! :D) Also remember that this is an investment, if you don’t have enough money getting a side job can be worth it, you can get an income from a fun way of working like gambling with

I’ve had great fun putting these through there paces too, they tile beautifully and you can manipulate them to make flagstone floors or little square mosaic tiles!

Out tomorrow and if you want to be the first to hear about all our releases you can jump over and say hi on twitter and facebook! Always happy to see everyone there! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

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