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Domineaux Effect – The Store Tour


Do you love details? Fancy taking a walk with me around the fabulous Domineaux Effect, a mesh store owned by Domineaux Prospero.  I was there yesterday and asked if I could snap some photos for insight designs.  The whole place left me so inspired as I wandered around all the different houses and buildings. The aesthetics of Domineaux’s creations really spoke to me, clean and simple but with fantastic details………

Credits :: Photo Amisha March featuring The Old Orchard Cottage via Domineaux Effect

I also love the descriptions over on Domineaux  marketplace store, they really set the scene and you know the best thing ever  is that you can redocorate The Old Orchard Cottage!  Quoted from the marketplace listing “Each rooms walls can be color tinted using the standard SL color functions. the walls and the ceiling in each room each act as a single prim face so you don’t have to select multiple faces to tint. Simply select one part of the wall and tint to do the whole room, the same for the ceilings. Walls can also be textured using any normal seamless textures if you change the mapping from default to planar.

That is fantastic news for me and the other billion people that love their home but like to redecorate (which also includes the outside)  and with the land impact at only 140 …. you can accessorize to your hearts content!  That’s another plus for me!

Another great bonus is that the builds work as homes and stores, how about a clothes shop in  The Country Barn below, decorated with vintage lights and hangers, old wooden crates for storing folded clothes, you could even use the hay stacks to display cowboy boots and the stalls as changing rooms!

Credits :: Photo Amisha March featuring The Country Barn via Domineaux Effect

I have concentrated on the buildings but there is much more at Domineaux Effect, fences and walls, chairs and tables, wheelbarrow, arbours and all mesh, all with great detail and adaptability and super cool texturing.  Plus I got a sneak peek at a new release and you are gonna love it :)

Credits :: Photo Amisha March Top / Middle / Bottom

All the details:

Domineaux Effect Inworld
Domineaux EffectMarketplace Storefront


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  1. Well yes Domineaux is really great builder and you forgot one main thing that I find really important to me…
    maybe I’m not alone th feel that…

    Domineaux’s build are proportional… I mean, button door are at avatar height, ceiling isn’t 6 m hight…..
    what is more natural to have a home like RL…. even if it’s Sl and we do what we want…. and adds some realism I can’t find elsewhere in SL…. I feel at home….

  2. Amisha March says:

    Absolutely agree Nelly, thanks for pointing it out!

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