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Quick and easy Photoshop tip : Drop shadow on it’s own layer


Series of helpful tips and tutorials on Photoshop.  I get quite a few questions coming through my email so in answering a few I thought it would be great to share.  I am self taught in photoshop and when I started out with this awesome tool I read every tutorial I could find.  I spent hours “playing” fascinated with all the different things I could do and if I can do it anyone can! Honestly!  It’s all about exploring and discovering!

First up is one of my favourite “tricks” – the quickest and easy ways to make a drop shadow do what you want it to do!  You have an image say a piece of paper and you want a shadow underneath but even after playing with all the sliders and settings often the shadow just doesn’t look right.  Quick answer – drop the shadow on it’s own layer!

If you look at my picture above the paper looks like it has a slight bend to it in the bottom and top right corner.  Now peek through the tutorial below and soon you will be dropping shadows with ease!

Note: I started from scratch with a new file and created a frame to add a drop shadow to as this was one of the questions I was asked, if you already have an image open that you want to drop a shadow on scroll down to the third picture.

Now you can pull, twist, transform to make the shadow fit exactly how you want!

Add a different colour, a wood texture maybe (double click on the frame layer – blending options – colour overlay)

Drop an image behind, add another image on top and repeat the drop layer technique.  Simple!

Any questions drop them in the comments!

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  1. wow! create layer is something i never knew. its amazing.. thanks for the tip! i wondered many times how to do it :D

  2. Amisha March says:

    Sristhi it’s a really handy and quick way to control your shadows :)

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