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Absolute Concrete


I think concrete and cement are fascinating materials, there is something soft, weathered and natural yet balanced with man made, corroded and industrial. They work inside and outside, can be warehouse, cold and grungy or interior loft walls, warm and soft depending on what you are creating so I should add versatile to that list as well!

Absolute Concrete – is a seamless set of beautiful textures, weathered shuttered concrete, breeze block and detailed concrete walls, also includes shaded versions to give a realistic dimension if needed PLUS 8 Bonus textures walls.

8 Bonus textures

Seamless horizontally and vertically allowing greater flexibility in your designs!

Available at Insight Designs

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  1. Love the textures! Please check your link to Insight Designs. It leads to a Second Life page. :)

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thanks Joy

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