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Something for the weekend – Four Walls Hunt


The beautiful exclusive Regardent fabric textures are out and if you can find them they are almost free! Drop by Insight Designs Store and look for the plant box…

(photo credit : Valena Vacano via Casa de Smurf)

The Four Walls Hunt runs from Sept 1st to the 15th and there are some fabulous home and garden creations for your home,  from textures, furniture, light fixtures and builds!  It really is a great hunt with fantastic gifts! So if you have a free afternoon and fancy collecting some great designs then maybe we will bump into each other! For all the info and store details check out The Four Walls Hunt Page


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  1. Thank you for the free textures, which I was alerted to by a photography website email today. I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet, but if I find something interesting I’ll try to remember to let you know. Again, thank you from this American :)

  2. Hi and THANK YOU for all these wonderful resources!

    I was wondering if these fabric textures are able to be downloaded anywhere other than the link provided because that one is returned as ‘no longer available’.


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