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Why I love Adobe Bridge and new work in progress


Working on lots of new ideas today and thought I would stop by and share a quick look at a one of the handiest tools, Adobe Bridge.  (as well as sneaking a look at a few of the new textures in the making).

I will often work with several files open and swap between working in photoshop and checking the overall look of the set in Bridge, I find it gives me a broader overlook of the colours and overall feel of a set of images.

Adobe Bridge is the place where I can see all the images in a folder at once, group images into collections, add keywords, rename files quickly whilst viewing them …..

….. the list goes on!

Another one of the key reasons I like Bridge is because I can check the data and information of all the files just by clicking on the image.

Here I can see the size, dimensions, resolution, colour profile, very handy for when I save work in different sizes and resolutions for different projects and need to find the right one.

The best though is being able to select and arrange images, zooming in and out of the thumbnails to get a better view and then selecting a group and creating a pdf or web gallery.

Do you use Bridge?  Is it useful or have you never explored the handy little tool?

I’ll go back to finishing up the new work and hopefully a new texture set and a few free textures will be out soon :)

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