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In the studio making textures, inspiration and ideas.


Tomorrow is Spruce Up Your Space time and the theme this month is Summer Vacation!  A summer holiday for me is down by the beach, doing nothing of much, except watching the waves and eating lots of sea food.

I really wanted to make something inspired by my coastal photos, something vintage maybe, gently worn by the sun and endless trips to the beach.  Not wanting to go with the normal cockleshells I picked a mussel as my inspiration.

Sometimes I will sketch out a few ideas in my note pad and scan them or simply draw straight into illustrator.  Illustrator for me is the best for drawing or scanning in your sketches, the way you can smooth, adjust and recolour everything and anything.  It’s is an awesome tool!

I wanted a simple design that could lend itself to a repeatable pattern, picking a colour palette inspired by my vintage beach photos.

Once I am happy with colours and shapes I quite often create a mood board, so that all my ideas are in one space and I can instantly see if a different pattern or fabric suits the overall theme…..this one fell into a natural flower, with the mussel shells becoming like petals, which I really liked!

Once the pattern is seamless and the ideas are drafted I will add the textures and play around with the colours.  You may have noticed I have moved from illustrator to Photoshop, this is quite normal in my workflow to flick between the two, utilising illustrators vector capabilities and photoshops awesome texturing and layering styles.

Creating coordinating fabric textures is great and I think it is the most fun for me, what can start as a simple pattern can turn into gently sun kissed fabrics, it really is a hobby for me, believe it or not, sometimes I have as much fun doing it as I would with my games, you can play starburst.  With a few simple hand drawn lines, add in a very slight drop shadow, and play around with a couple of rough cross hatched sketches and I made the striped fabrics.

Adding in a different colour.

These will be available tomorrow from Insight Designs, along with all the other fabulous designers taking part in this weekends Spruce Up Your Space.  Don’t miss it!

You can also find insight designs on:



and both of us like to chat on plurk Plurk

amisha March – I have moments of talking a lot and sharing lots of stuff then burying myself in work only to emerge to say hi again :) Lubo Plubeau is also over there, happy to chat and meet new people.

and finally pinterest. Yay!

I hope you like our latest pack and thank you for all the great comments we have received.  It is much appreciated:)

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