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Texture Recipes Spotlight Liz Ruest


Good morning.  It’s a bit grey outside today (perfect light for taking texture photos) so before I head out I want to thank Liz Ruest for posting her amazing images in our Flickr Group Texture Recipes and for sharing the way she created them. It’s always great to find fantastic textures but it’s also great to discover a little bit from behind the scenes.

Turquoise Texture

Liz takes her texture recipes seriously and with great flair, colour and imagination. I love all the contrasts and details in the textures.


This one of my favourites built up from batik fabric, stone bricks, trees, leaves and moss between stones using various blend modes!

Visit Liz Ruest and her texture recipes over at Flick and take a peek at her blog for more insights into textures (Layers Of textures with threshold masks is one I will be checking out!)

If you have great textures and ideas to share, or questions on using textures, jump over to Texture Recipes. We’d love to see you there! :)

All images courtesy of Liz Ruest.



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