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Tutorial creating a light spring image.


A great and quick way to add a fresh look to your photos, check out the before and after below and then catch the walk through and if you use a texture or two in your final image please add it to the flickr group Texture Recipes, a new group for sharing all texture ideas and treatments. :)

Open up your image in photoshop and crop, adjust if necessary,

Don’t worry about the colour fill layer in the image above its just to show how I cropped my image to focus on the items in the shot.

When you are happy with your image, duplicate the layer  (right click on the layer and click duplicate or drag your original layer to the new layer icon,

Next to add a subtle light source from the window by adding a  create a gradient layer,

In the layer palette click on the icon marked no.1 in the image above and click gradient. Another box will open, select a grey to transparent gradient and set the layer to divide 9% (try other layer modes such as lighten, each works slightly differently according to the background)

Next for a border, one of many ways – using the rectangular marquee too draw a rectangle around the edges, inverse the selection,(shift+ctrl+I) and on a new layer either create a colour layer or using the paintbucket fill the layer with white. Blur between 5 and 10%.


Now to make the image sing a little more! Here I  used a texture from our Sometimes I dream texture pack called Subtle Hint.

I placed this above the other layers and duplicated it, the bottom texture (no 1.) is set to divide 100% and the duplicated layer on the top (no.2) is set to overlay 50%

Above you can see the layer order with finally a logo grouped layer so I can easily move around our logo to fit any where on the image.

This technique and textures work great on other images to :

flickr group Texture Recipes


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