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A walkthrough:From inspriration to a finished product.

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Happy Easter!

I was asked a couple of questions the other day, one was where do you get your inspiration from (I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming article – very exciting news) and in answering that I thought it might be kinda interesting to show you my work flow process from initial inspiration to final product, in this case my final product is going to be a photo  to show different ways of using our textures but it could have easily been either a  decorative egg cup planter  for Easter or a full permission sculpted egg pack with textures.

My inspiration came from Martha Stewards egg flower vases spotted over at STYLIZMO.  It’s absolutely beautiful idea, I love the slightly coloured egg shells and the spring flower bouquets.

Working along the same idea of egg shell vases I wanted to create a similar design but with insight designs unique style and textures so its time to start creating an egg cup and egg in a 3d program to export to secondlife.

If you don’t have access to programs such as Maya or can’t quite grasp Blender (a free modeling tool) take a look on the marketplace, there are some great sculpts available, ready made (note: if I was packaging this as a sculpted product then I would have baked the light and added shine to the egg cup)

Next I test the sculpts in second life, again if I had been making these as a final product to sell I would have completed all of the texturing and effects in Maya and Photoshop but as I like to experiment a lot with textures  I wanted to see if I could create  the ideas I had in my head like someone would who had purchased a premade sculpty pack.  This is a great way to add originality to brought sculpts by  adding different textures and seeing what works.  As you can see I wanted a bit more texture from my eggs than the original Martha Steward photo and I also wanted a more pottery handmade feel, like a found eggcup that had perhaps been left outside and was showing slight signs of age.

After trying several textures from our quite large range of plasters and weathered stucco I settled on two different packs.

1. The first one is a plain wall texture from faded dreams wall textures offset so the skirting and shading create added details around the rim and edges.

2. For the egg shell I used  different textures from the Mediterranean Breeze (stucco walls and plastered cement Textures) as well as being a great rustic egg shell texture with a slightly hand painted feel, by using the middle shadow of the texture  and offseting it to sit where the egg and egg cup meet it created a great realistic shading effect.

3. Experimenting a bit more with the Mediterranean Breeze textures on the egg cup, offsetting again  to give a variety of different looks!

close up:


If this was a final product then after all the texturing, building and boxing up comes the advertisement, again I took inspiration from the original photo and placed my egg cups in front of a window (one of the best bits about secondlife is the ability to make very quick sets and to adjust the daylight settings) Easy but very addictive!

A few shots later I ended up with a favourite:

Its a personal thing but I  highly recommend if you are creating an advertisement that you also include an image of your product without shadows (that does two things it shows how great your texturing is and that there is no misrepresenting of the product) or include a note to say that shadows were enabled and of course a real demo is the perfect solution.

The photo above is perfect for an ad,  just add all the info you need, such as logo, brand etc and you have a finished design from inspiration to a digital product!

For my purposes, of creating a photo  (my end product) I wanted to try to capture that light, chalky feel – spring like in essence.

So I opened up my sl snapshot in photoshop and with a few easy steps made the image pop a bit more, using a simple feathered border, gradient layer and our texture “Subtle Hint” from the fantastic Sometimes I dream Texture pack.  Be sure to check back tomorrow when I add the complete tutorial for boasting your images.

It’s been a fun day today working and  remember to keep adding your photos to our flick group – Second Life Interior Design.

Hope you all had a great Easter and I’ll be back tomorrow with the complete tutorial!

Textures and sculpts : Insight Designs (inworld)

Flowers : Arctic Greenhouse




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