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Colour schemes and inspiration


Need a bit of colour inspiration, scratching your head at what colour to match your new designs.

I am a bit of a colour scheming freak and constantly collect and photograph great colour schemes but when I am stuck for ideas and need and bit of help and inspiration I check out the sites below,

First stop – Colour Lovers, a fantastic site with of wealth of colour schemes, ideas and inspiration.

Colour scheme designer A nifty little tool that will have you playing for hours! Great for choosing website/blog colours as you can preview your colour selection on an example website :)

Kuler – love exploring this place for beautiful colour combinations

Colr – Interesting site, play with colours and schemes by using photos. Below I uploaded one of my flower photos and I think it came up with an sweet colour palette.

Last but by no means least, one of the most popular places to get inspiration for colour schemes – design seeds

Any other favourite colour scheme ideas and inspiration sites?  I’d love to find more! :)

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