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Free texture Grab and NEW GROUP Texture Recipes.


Tulips are out and I have an armful of flowers and a couple of free texture for this sunny weekend!  Either grab the textures and start “springing” up your images or take a moment to see my recipe below for Tiptoeing through the Tulip!

A CALL TO JOIN: We have started a brand new Flickr group called “Texture Recipes” a mix of fine textures with a pinch of great techniques! We want it to be a place to share you love and frustrations with textures and of course your favourite textured work.

We’ll be adding our own texture recipes and unique blends along with exciting creations and mash ups from some great texture artists!

We would love to see all of your work over there and share the love of creating texture recipes!


Texture Recipe: Flashbaking with Tulips

Step 1:

Open up the the soft “Flower Montage Texture”:

Step 2:

Snap a photo of any flowers, keep the background as plain as possible:

Place it in a seperate layer above the Flower Montage Texture, set to Hard Light 100%

Step 3:

To soften the tulips and the light a little, copy the Flower Montage Texture and place it above your layers, set to soft light 100%

Here you can adjust the hue, colour, saturation to your liking depending on your original photo or your style :)

Step 4:

I wanted to add a bit of splattering to keep with the painted, pastel feel…download the “ink splat” texture,

And again place above all of your other layers, I went for divide 48 % for a subtle hint:


Feel free to grab the tulip image and follow along or work to your own “recipe” as always our free texture grab are free for commercial and personal use (credit would be appreciated) and don’t forget to add your images to our new Flickr group “Texture Recipes” we would love to see you there and share the love by featuring some of the great artists out there :)

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