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Testing textures with concrete intentions texture pack


All of our textures are “ready to go” but we like to make them as versatile as possible by creating seamless unique textures with added details and shading that you can play around with and create individual builds.

Below is a few snapshots of me playing, testing our latest texture pack – Concrete Intentions :)

The offset and repeats per face adjustments in the texture tab are great to play around with.

Tip: All our textures are coordinating, the colours and styles work together but they also can be “tinted” inworld to create whole new colours!

The Concrete Intentions texture pack is available from our online shop or inworld.

Floor and wood textures – Builders wood Textures by Insight Designs.


We encourage people to download* and use our textures in photoshop, gimp, maya etc to add your own details and shading :)

Play around with them, try them on pots and exteriors!

(terms and conditions apply)


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