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The It List


A new part of the blog, The IT List, a weekly round up of five things I am loving right now… no order or reason other than I think they are great….what are you loving right now?


Y’s House is donating all of it’s proceeds for sale items at the *Y’s HOUSE* Cafe001 to Move for F of Japan (A fund‐raising campaign in SL for the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake) so time to grab a great deal and help out a great cause.

Alma (pattern) chair gacha

Fantastic gacha chair (vespertine)

in limbo. (stools)

In limbo chairs by Gala Charron and poses by Flutter Memel

Fuzzy Bee Animal Chair Cat

Fuzzy Bee Cat chair. There is also the cutest panda, giraffe and pig wooden chair, grab them here

and lastly a fantastic new blog for all your home and interiors Casa de smurf

Want to be on the IT List the first place I look for great designs is in our Interior Design flickr group, why not join us :)

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention, it seriously made my day!! Not only that, but I can’t wait to go check out these neat finds ;)

  2. Amisha March says:

    Valena :-D Keep up the great work!

  3. Gala Charron says:

    Thank you, Amisha! And oh gosh that Fuzzy Bee Cat chair is adorable!

  4. Quinby Hancroft says:

    Thank you Amisha!!

  5. Amisha March says:

    Gala as always your designs are wonderful……and yes isn’t cute :-)

  6. Amisha March says:

    Quinby you are welcome, I highly recommend a trip to your store :-)

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