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Playing with Textures


Playing with….um…working with textures is fun!  Here’s a few really easy and quick ways of using textures to enhance your photos.

One of the things I snap all the time is flowers, so I grabbed a shot of a few tulips, and headed over to photoshop.

I used the Spirit of Spring Textures and placed them on seperate layers above my tulip image.  Layers are one of the simplest and easiest ways to adjust and change an image and if you make a mistake you can either undo (alt+ctrl+z) or turn off the layer (click on the eye icon in the layers palete)

I often work with multiple layers and textures, turning off and working on one at a time, adjusting the opacity and blend mode, building up the image, it’s a bit like having several layers of see through paper!

Above I used all three of the Spirit of Spring textures :

spring_1 (darken, opacity 31%)

spring_2 (soft light, opacity 100%)

spring_3 (overlay, opacity 87%)

Try it again with a different photo, change the blend mode, only use 2….it really is that easy!

Mouse over the image below to see the before and after.


How do you work with textures? Do you have a particular subject, like landscapes, flower, portraits that you like to work with?




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  1. Heather Fillmore says:

    playing with texture what beautiful art. I wondered with each layer you add do you press enter before you add another layer. Is each layer on a separate sheet. I have just so enjoyed your site, and would be os thankful if you could help me. Cheers Heather

  2. Amisha March says:

    Heather hi :) I use Photoshop and each layer is separate (and no you do not have to press enter) I think of it like pieces of paper stacked on top of each other but some are slightly see through, some change colour letting the original photo shine through in a different way! Ask more questions Heather I am happy to answer :)))

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