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Tribal Infusion Fabric textures


Missing traveling, exploring new places, discovering little stalls selling handmade fabrics and crafts. We’ll be back on the road soon but in the meantime… tide me over – Tribal Infusion Fabric Textures!

Hand made treasured fabrics, found in far away places or hidden away, carefully wrapped in the attic, loved and well looked after but with a hint of age.
Inspired  by African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribal patterns brought up to date with modern colours.  A little bohemian but also quite modern with a focus on handmade craftsmanship.  Rich and warm,  vibrant and colourful.

Seamless and shaded versions.

Available from Shop.Insight Designs and at Insight Designs (SL)

Below is a sample available from the pack, you can view the contents of the entire pack at Shop.Insight Designs


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