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Insights into inspiration, styling and mood boards.


When I am at home designing, often different projects can overlap, or lead to new ideas. That’s what happened earlier, whilst working through some new patterns and collections I noticed a “theme” that would  make fantastic textures.

When I create textures, fabrics or any design that requires a  “pulled together look” ie, colour palettes or coordinating patterns I like to put the textures and patterns through their paces so to speak and to offer more versatility to the collection as they can be mixed and matched with different packs to create unique pieces, which I know is very important to the creators and designers that use our textures!

I have to stop for a moment and give credit to a Plurk buddy of mine, the wonderfully talented TrinityBelle Meriman owner  and designer of Fucifino.  Trin shared a picture of a work in progress a few days ago and I loved the colour palette, bright yellows and fresh greens, balanced with blacks.  It is a fantatstic collection and I so adored the yellow!

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Picasso.


When I received the set from Trin I realised how much this yellow chair had sparked the inspiration for the first few colour combinations of our chevron texture pack.

The Chair and complete New Orlandos Collection (consisting of lampshades, art, and those fab chairs) are out NOW at Fucifino.

I had such fun working with these textures that I thought I’d share some of my inspirations and mood boards I created whilst designing the collection.

 A little bit of sunshine.

(coat – Chevron Yellow burst, collar – sunny linen, 1. basket weave – off white, 2.  Coastal wood – sunshine, 3.  Charm fabric – golden )

 Sweet Zigzags.

(coat – chevron sweet, collar – shiny teal, thumbnail 1. chevron zigzag, thumbnail 2.  chevron chrush, bag idea – chevron zigzag)

Classic Elegance.

(coat – chevron grey, collar – black velvet)

Spring Greens.

(coat – chevron spring green, collar – fresh green linen)

Vintage inspired.

(coat – chevron vintage, collar – shiny taupe, Fold overlay texture on chevron vintage texture, bag – Maitreya Mesh Leather Satchel)

Really pleased with this collection, who doesn’t love a bit of chevron styling!  You can pick up the completed set of textures from our online store and if you would like to share any of your designs feel free to drop by our Facebook Page…….we’d love to feature you on our blog :)

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