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From inspiration to design : workflow process


I recently signed up for a really exciting course, The Art and Business of Surface Design by Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls.

Aptly named “Do what you Love”,  it’s a dream course full of creative ideas to get you thinking and working and practical advice from leading experts …. to say I am a little happy would be an understatement!  So whilst I am learning new ways to “play” and stretch my thinking I thought it would be good to share one of the ways I find and work out ideas.

I have also created a “playground” called Pattern&Co. It’s our little place to gather patterns and colours, to share designs and inspiration and a bit about my learning along the way, so if you love patterns and colours I’d love to see you over there :))

Inspiration for me comes from all sorts of places but noticeably I often flick through our vast library of photos, my camera is always on hand and I shoot everything and anything and often find inspiration, colour combinations and pattern ideas all from one photo.

Below is a photo of a rusted railing that I took whilst out and about last year,  It was probably on my way to the shops as I walk past this house quite often. I never really noticed how beautiful the combination of the rust on the rails and changing leaves were until the ferns started to fade and fall into decay too!  Match made in heaven maybe!

Colours of  rust. 

The dependanle little colour picker comes in handy here.

Once I have a few colours selected and they work well together I group them into one layer and play around with them:

Finding the Patterns within.

One of the many new ideas/principles we have been learning in Module 2 is to really look for patterns, draw them, doodle, photograph them, take inspiration from everything…..and make them your own.

I will “play” some more with the pattern, evolve and expand on the ideas and post updates over at Pattern&co.


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  1. The message this post delivers sound amazingly simple. But I know what kind of hard work is required to attain a level where you are confident to just toss colors into a layer ;)

    nice post. big message, small way of saying it.

    <3, always.

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thank you DeDe, love that you said “big message, small way of saying it” <3

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