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Mood board Inspiration


{Old barn, Walk in the woods, Cabin, Rustic book , Woodsman wood texture, Barn living}

I love creating mood boards, they focus my ideas and are a great source for inspiration, colour palettes and designs for an entire project.

Sometimes a client will ask you to create something, they love your work and when you ask what style, colours they would like they say it’s up to you, that’s a great compliment but without knowing a few details you could complete a brief and end up with something different than what your client envisaged! Hopefully not but it’s so easy to make a quick mood or inspiration board to show where you want to go with a design and have a chat with the client about it before you start. It’s usually here that I get a lot of input and feedback of what they love, what do they say…..a picture is worth a thousand words and it saves time in the long run!

Anything from a collage of images to a more formal collection of ideas and colours can make up the basis of an inspiration board. Typically I will spend an hour or two making one and often whilst researching one idea I find other ideas for different projects. (hint: bookmark, fav, pin, reference whatever it is, nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the source of the original idea!)

Do you make mood boards?

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  1. Inspiration is a magical word. To explore, search and contemplate this mystical state which absolutely has no limitations.
    It sounds a little short of miraculous, but when you have it and constantly work on that inspiration and achieve success through that inspiration, miracles really can happen.
    Inspiration can come from your own unconscious mind, the part of you that sends you signals, images and dreams.
    Everyone see themselves as undervalued. Overcome that lethargy and your unconscious mind will spark and ignite this magical inspiration and make you a success.
    You inspire me to make my first mood board.

  2. Amisha March says:

    Well said Esther, what beautiful words :)

  3. Lyrilen Moonshadow says:

    Thank you for your generous sharing of tips. Thank you Esther for the perfect companion reading!

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