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Find images faster with Image Finder


I have a billion images floating inside my computer and although I am (a little) better organised now I still have plenty of images strewn throughout different folders and I often use search to find them but it’s soooooooo slow, so when I came across Image Finder from Fundy Software I thought I’d give it a go.

Image Finder lives up to its name. It’s very fast and very easy to use!  No photoshop required.

It tracks down files (by the exact name if you wish) and searches folders and sub-folders, from which you can copy to a different location and it’s FREE!

Check out the other resources over at Fundy, I like the look of The Blog Collage, now if they could just make one to find all the images that I know I have but I labelled them “xfgdt” or something equally as random!

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