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Tuscan Terracotta Sculpted Pots Builders Kit


New at Insight Designs, MASHABLES our complementary collections of Sculptie and Textures.

Our first release Tuscan Terracotta Pots.


  • 7 sculpt maps (copy/modify/transfer) (note only 6 are showing in the images below)
  • Two beautiful Tuscan inspired terracotta texture maps (copy/modify/transfer)
  • Example prims (for you to see sizes, rotations, texture rotation and offsets, stitching type and all other relevant guidelines and ideas on adjusting the textures to make a variety of different looks).
  • 1 round Alpha Shadow Texture (for under the pots)
  • 3 Shadow maps in  different styles (including ambient, soft blur and hard light) so you can pick one to match your interior/look.  The shadow map Textures can also be downloaded and adjusted in a  graphics programme (more info is included in the Note Card found in the Mashable Tuscan Teracotta Pots pack)
  • License (the license can also be viewed here before purchase)

Available at Insight Designs 

A little bit about Mashables:

Mashables is a new branch of Insight Designs offering sets of base sculpts/maps, shadow maps and textures with a number of customizable possibilities.  Extension texture packs and shadow texture packs will be offered so you can create multiple different designs according to your style.  And keep an eye out for limited edition bonus packs and free group gifts.

If you have any questions please contact us

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  1. Klip Klaar says:

    Cool. But where is it availlable ? On for which price?

  2. Amisha March says:

    Klip :) It is available at our store Insight Designs, and is still on special offer for the next few hours!

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