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Tutorial Working with and creating seamless alpha textures


An easy way to bring autumn to your home and garden and fantastic if you want to add a touch of fall without changing everything. Grab the Up the Garden path leaf litter textures (available from shop.insightdesigns)  and open up one of the alpha leaf textures.

 (note: if you have already grabbed the textures inworld then check out our tutorial on Downloading and using textures with alpha channels)

When you open it up in Photoshop it should look something like this:

Head over to the channels tab.  Ctrl + click on the Alpha 1 channel thumbnail so the “marching ants” appear around the leaf pile.

Go back to the layers tab and making sure the leaf layer is selected, copy and paste. (Turn off the original layer and you should be able to see just the leaves!)

Now place them on anything you want, grass, lawn, dirt, around a tree base……..first up place them on a layer above your chosen image you want to “autmnise”.  Re size and rotate to fit.

Duplicate the layer, re size, rotate, open up the other leaf textures and repeat the process above, mix and match and add them to your image, carefully erase some of the leaves, recolour them, its up to you. The shadows and shading are already done so you only have to place them in image for your grand autumn plan.

TIP to make the texture seamless horizontally I use a few different methods, one very quick and easy way is to use offset.

Place all your leaves within the image (don’t hang any outside of the picture) when you are happy with the composition merge all the leaf layers with the path image.  Go to filter – other – offset, adjust the horizontal and vertical sliders so the image is somewhere in the middle again and so the leaves are now at the edges of the image.  Now you can happily fill up the gaps with more leaf layers knowing the image is seamless.

When you are finished, again merge the all the leaf layers and the brick path image (note in my layers you can see a white background layer, do NOT merge this with the other layers) and you can either save as a png or if you want to make absolutely sure of no white halos follow the method below for saving as a nifty 32 bit tga.

You will need to download and install the free solidfy plugin from Flaming Pear (scroll down the page and it’s in the free plugins package, I use solidfy B)

Ctrl + click on the thumbnail image in the layer tab to make a selection around it.

With the image still selected go to the channels tab and click on the add new channel button (next to the bin)

Now take a big brush and make sure the colour is white and paint over the whole image.

Deselect and click on the image in the layers tab then go to filter – Flaming Pear – Solidfy B.  Last thing to do is to save as a 32 bit TGA.


Any questions just ask and feel free to check us out on Facebook and keep up to date with all our free texture releases, new products and tutorials :)

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