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Photoshop Tutorial Vintage Grunge – Road to Abandonment.


Whilst working on a project recently I thought how much I love creating art in photoshop, it reminded me of when I was little and I would cut and paste different images out of magazines and stick them into one big fantasy collage…’s not so different now just digital!

And the amount of photos and images available on the Internet is huge, the first site we’ll be looking at in this series of  tutorials, mixing up our own images with stock from other sites,  is Stock.XCHNG.   The images are free to use but there are certain conditions so always check the license agreements.

 Open up Highland coast and place the  Effet du soleil image on a layer above it.  Using the polygonal lasso tool cut out the sky section. Distort it as necessary so it fits roughly the Highland Coast sky.  Then set to Multiply.

Next open up Ghost Town with the fantastic old car, using any method you prefer cut around the car and the grass around the front of the car (I used the pen tool )

Copy and paste so you have the car on it’s own layer (bin or hide the original Ghost Town layer).

Resize the car and place it in the bottom left corner of the composition.

Handy Hint: with the cut out car layer, select the Move tool and make sure Show Transform Controls is ticked, grab the corner of the tranform box and hold down shift whilst resizing the image to constrain the proportions.


(NOTE: you can also do the same thing with the buildings in the original Ghost Town image if you wanted to add some houses)

Still on the cut out car image I added the following layer effects and reduced the opacity to 86%:

Next open up the Windmills picture and roughly cut out the wind turbines (I used the magic wand tool .)  Place it in your composition, resize and set the layer to Darken, 39%.

You can also see in the image above how the car layer is a bit better blended in now with the different layer styles applied.

Now to add some grunge and texture and to further pull all the elements together.  I used Toasted Clove Texture from the Transition in time Texture pack (you can grab the free sample from our blog).  Don’t be afraid to be heavy handed with textures, if each texture is added to a seperate layer you can adjust and  go back to play around with them at any point.

I set the layer to Colour Burn at 70%.

Okay I have the grungy look I want (I may play some more with the opacity later) but the sky and sea are not blending in.

Open the Electric Pylons image and cut out the sky, position it and resize it to fit into the sky part of your composition, set the layer to colour 75 %

Tonally the image is getting there but the sea is still not quite working, duplicate the highland coast layer and cut out the land and using the distort tool pull up the top left corner until it almost covers the sea.

Final tweaks can be made with a  colour balance layer and the image can be brightened with a curves layer if needed.

A special thank you to all the photographers that allow their stock and images to be used and I can’t wait to start work on the next post!


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  1. Fantastic! Love how the image comes together. I too had a big scrapbook of magazine photos when I was young, and I hadn’t put that together with my current work. It IS fun! I’m sticking with my own images, to avoid any copyright issues, but am working much along the same lines. This explains the “how do you do that?” question I get all the time.

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thanks Liz and what a fabulous collection of collages you have! Great to meet someone who explores all avenues of textures and art :)


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