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Blender Tutorials 1.1


1. Blender.

First stop visit the Blender website, download Blender and then explore the amazing gallery to whet your appetite before getting to grips with the tutorials and the helpful user manual.

2.  Another Tutorial.

One to bookmark, a new website (Another Tutorial) by Maylee Oh offering a few tutorials for clothes creators.

3.  Rigged Clothing Series.

Something to get in a Mesh about, a series of  excellent video tutorials by ashasekayi about skinning clothing mesh for Second Life in Blender.

3.  Robo 3D Studios

Robo 3D Studios offers tutorials on how to make realistic rocks and lemons to removing texture seams in blender – not Second Life specific but fun nevertheless :)

4.  Jason Welsh

Video tutorials to help you get to grips with blender  by Jason Welsh (also might want to check out his video tutorials on texturing in Blender).

5.  Machinimatrix

Machinimatrix by Gaia Clary has excellent tutorials in English and German(video and transcript are available) especially for creators of “sculpted prims” in Second Life, no previous skills required!

6.  Revolt Randy

Have a bit of fun creating cartoon fish and characters in a series of video tutorials by Revolt_randy.

7.  Blender Cookie

Blender Cookie is part of the CG Cookie network which is a 3D Animation education network and has great pages to help you get started in Blender and a whole host of tutorials.

Hope this helps to kick start a few aspiring creators, there are a lot more resources out there so we’ll be visiting this topic again and keeping you up to date with Blender tutorials and resources.  If you have any suggestions of great sites that helped you get up and running in Blender then let us know.



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  1. sandip kharche says:

    blender and gimp tutorial wanted

  2. Amisha March says:

    Great idea Sandip :)

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