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Colour Insights – For the Love of Yellow


One thing we get complimented on at Insight Designs is the colour schemes in our textures and one of the most asked questions is how do you chose your colours? The answer is simple, everywhere!

I love  colours, playing with different palettes, mixing and contrasting styles, I have a better memory when I use colours and by far they make life more, well,  colourful :D

So that’s the idea behind our new category, Colour Insights, a look at a different colour, or theme that inspires us and to showcase content creators and interior designers in Second Life that really highlight that colour or colours and bring them to life!

First up For the Love of Yellow.

I have a love/hate relationships with yellow, at the moment it is love and I put that down to one thing…*Art Dummy! and The Yellow Chair.

It’s the kind of yellow that grabs your attention and  yet at the same time is mellow, it can take center stage or with a couple of pillows sit happily in the corner of any room.

like home.
[Photo Credit: Gala Charron]

Yellow can be bright and full of sunshine,
summer. (decorative chair with vintage beach pails)
[Photo Credit: Gala Charron]

(Note: Gala Charron of *Art Dummy does a whole range of fabulous colours but she does do a good yellow! :D)

Or golden like sunlight.

Zigana - Vara Sun
[Photo Credit: Nalena Fairey]

I love the soft  yellow light of a lazy afternoon.  ( and really adore the accents of teal, blues and greens in tzhangsun’s bedroom)

Zappallar Home Bedroom
[Photo Credit: tzhangsun]

Down to the mellow yellows with  that faint hint of autumn in the air.

postcards from italy.
[Photo Credit: arivae]


Sky ² Cheap
[Photo Credit: Yume Cluny]

So is yellow a keeper? how does yellow make you feel, mellow, happy, energized?  Do you use it often or only as an accent?


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