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Quick tutorial – How to Vamp up your sky

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Expand your horizons and vamp up your sky with the Big Cloud Free Textures. ;)

Dead easy…open up your main image, here’s mine:

Grab one of the Cloud Textures (I used clouds in the sky 1), place it above your background image and set the layer to overlay 78%

Last thing to make it sing…..

1.  Right click on the create new fill/adjustment layer and click on colour balance.

2. Adjust the colours to your liking (the great thing about this is you can be as creative as you like, if you don’t like it the image underneath is still preserved so have fun)

3.  Reduce the opacity if it’s too much.

Photoshop is for me a big playground, use the basics and then add a bit extra, play around with tones, textures, adjustments until it becomes second nature :)

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  1. Thanks for the inhisgt. It brings light into the dark!

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