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Vintage Photo effect tutorial for Photoshop


Create an old vintage photo effect:

1.  Grab your image

2.  Find a nice folded paper texture (I used Folded Old Paper Texture I from riverta) and place it above your image, now resize the paper texture so you are happy with the effect.

Next right click on the image in your layers palette and click Rasterize Layer.


3.  With your paper texture layer selected, click select and then scroll down to find colour range.

Using the colour picker which should now appear select the white edges around the paper textures, move the fuzziness bar untill you are happy.

It doesn’t have to be completely black and white, in fact it is better not to as it will add to the effect we are trying to create.

Once you are happy hit delete (ctrl x)

4.  Ctrl and click on the icon of the paper texture in the layers palette so that the image is selected, duplicate your background image and then make sure it is selected, copy and paste (ctrl c, ctrl v)

5.  Set the paper texture (which is above your background image to overlay 53%)

6.  I then added a few layer styles to the background image, again these are not set in stone, play around with them a little bit as it depends on the size of your original image and the effect you would like to achieve, mine are below:


It’s done! I tweaked the colours a bit more by adding a couple of colour fill layers to make it pop and to add a more vintage photo colour effect.


The colour fills:

Works really well with the beachy theme so here’s a few more :)

(What Next) beach store

Head Hunters Island

Top photo Funky Junk

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  1. Gotta love your awesome tutorials. :D

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thanks Steffy, just had a quick look at your blog Pratukessaibas and the “Picking up poses – Tutorial (kinda)” is spot on :D

  3. That’s a great tutorial, thank you for taking the time to write it! All I have to do now is figure out a way to translate it into GIMP! ;-)

  4. HI, thanks for one more great tutorial. Here is what I made –

  5. awesome tutorial

  6. Amisha March says:

    Thank you Licia


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