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I dig Gardening!



Just sharing my Summer Rainbox :)

I could fill several sims over with flowers!  Does anyone else like to Garden in Second Life?


cluttered. summer rainbox

Picnic flowerpot – mint & candle wick

.::Little Nest::. potted flower05

:CP: Cheeky Pea Malia Bedroom Flowers

[AG] Arctic Greenhouse Planter –  Bamboo Fern

cluttered. bowl full of sunshine (strawberries on table – scripted)

++LP2++ Watering can

[AG] Arctic Greenhouse Marigold Flower M

Rest of the items are from Insight Designs

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  1. I do, I do! These are all lovely images; now if we could get scratch n’ sniff screens…

  2. Yes, I love gardening, either in the ground or in pots. Everywhere I live, I try to make a small garden (or a big one). I love flowers in SL! :) Your home is beautiful!

  3. Amisha March says:

    Carrie I agree completely with the scratch n’ sniff…if we can have SL in 3d why not ;)

  4. Amisha March says:

    Beryl Thank you – I can’t quite feel at home without some small patch of garden :)

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