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The Store Tour : AnnaMayaHouse :

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Funky, quirky, detailed, animated, fun, cute, bright, original…are all words you can say about AnnaMayaHouse.

From highly detailed and amazingly textured bags…..(the one on the far right “Writer’s Pouch” hangs around your neck but I could see it  slung over the corner of chair post in a creative blogger’s room or over the bed post in a child’s room).

………to honey, bears and bees!  (How sweet, little ZZzzz’s come out from the bear and he can be worn on your arm or shoulder, or place him on a pillow like I did:)

If you want to find out more about Anya Yalin and AnnaMayaHouse drop by her flickr stream and blog, definately worth a visit to peek at all the wonderful imaginative things.

And I highly recommend signing up to the subscribo as I missed the Cupid Training Stand below which was released as a limited offer for Project Themeory.

[Photo Credits::Anya Yalin]

Main Store:: AnnaMayaHouse

Marketplace:: AnnaMayaHouse

(The Store Tour is somewhere to show glimpses of talented designers and their stores (big and small, size doesn’t matter but content does!) that hopefully you will want to visit!  Photo Credits::Amisha March except where noted)


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  1. Thanks so much for blogging my store :)

    I love customer interaction and I really enjoyed reading this feature. It’s wonderful to know that my items bring joy to people. I’ll be sure to invite your great captures to the store Flickr pool.


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