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Home is where the heart is…..


Would you like to come on a tour with me this morning?  Take a peek in a few homes from a talented brunch of home makers and creators we have in the Second Life Interior Design group!

From chic and eclectic, charming and stylish, how do they make it work?  Take a look at the colour palette and the textures first, from soft hues combined with natural wood, to centering on one colour or colour range but the really talent is the “knick knacks” – taking this and that from one corner of the SL world and combining it with something else making unique and stylish homes, who wouldn’t want to drop by for a visit :)

Please click on all of the links below to visit the various sources and to enjoy even more inspiration.



My New Kitchen

My New Kitchen by Jenica Landar


meandmyguitar by Thema Felix

my april home.

My April Home by Arivae

Clutter by Flutter The Sunbeam

Clutter by Flutter The Sunbeam by Grazia Horwitz

You know my heart sings when you're here

You know my heart sings when you’re here by Madison Morlim

Having some wine

Having some wine by tzhangsu

Home is Where Your Story Begins.

Home is Where Your Story Begins. by ❥ Clementine

Your home is where ever your heart lies, a place to decorate, to laugh and dance or seek the peace of a quiet evening.  How do you put “heart” into your home? I’d love to hear your thoughts. What makes your house a home?

Top photo credits  ::  Photo by Amisha March :: Rogue Sofa from Lisp Bazaar

love eclectic style – taking this from that corner of the world and combining it with something else from another favorite culture and boom – you have created a look of your own. How do you make it work? The common thread is usually the color palette that holds everything together.
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  1. Such a beautiful post, with so many amazingly creative people featured. I’m truly honoured to be among them, you’ve made my day, thanks so much :)

  2. Amisha March says:

    Madison you are welcome, what a wonderful home you have, I love all the pieces you have! And what a gorgeous setting! <3

  3. OMG!!! My picture is in here! I’m so flattered! It was easy to decorate such a great house by L2 studios though! Of course, I have to give props to What Next for that great bench with the wine!

    Thank you!

  4. Amisha March says:

    Terri I loved your picture, it perfectly sums up the feeling of home is where the heart is, I imagined you had just come back from work or a shopping trip, threw off your shoes and curled up on the bench with a drink, having a few minutes of quiet before friends and family get home :))

  5. Wow. What a great post! Thank you for including me and for providing such beautiful inspiration yourself… <3

  6. Home is there where your heart feels good! And i feel very relaxed when i watch your beautiful pictures. Regards

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