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Shabby and Peeling White Wood Textures


Especially for those that like a bit of shabbiness – versatile collection of Peeling White Wood doors, panels, wardrobe fronts, windows, shutters, planks and cupboard doors.  Great for builds, homes and furniture!

Shabby up your whole home or mix and match and create shabby chic furniture and accessories to add a  rustic and distressed look to the corner of your loft space :)

The windows come in three styles and colours – with shabby cafe curtains,  “peeking” closed curtains and uncurtained (all alpha textures).  So freshen up (or should that be shabby down) your creations and give them  a whole new look when painted with a shabby chic White Wood texture.
Only available at Insight Designs.
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  1. Kim Banks says:

    I love the shabby wood look. My husband and I
    are restoring a 1967 Avion Travel Trailer. I’ve been trying to
    find wood paneling that looks just like this. I’m not
    Sure I understand this website. Do you sell these
    or do you give info how to make it or buy it?Does
    this come in paneling. If you could get back to me
    that would be great.

    Thank you

  2. Amisha March says:

    Hiya Kim, the wood you see is a texture and is for 3d modelling unfortunately I wish I had real shabby planks too as they would be amazing but alas these are only digital. Good luck with restoring the trailer sounds fun!

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