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Fickle Skybox and full permission Textures


With decorators in mind, the FICKLE is modify/copy and allows you to easily change the accent front and back walls at a touch of a button using the Multi Part Texture Changer, it also comes with the full set of  accent wall textures with full permissions so you can revamp the other walls and floors.

Fits comfortably into a 1024 sq.m plot with enough room round the edges to add a few plants.

The FICKLE was originally designed as a skybox but I love doors so if you fancy you can make yourself at home high in the air (but watch your step ;) or  transform it into a studio apartment, a place to work, a store……whatever you like and if you change your mind then with a simple touch you can redecorate.

All that is left to say is welcome to the FICKLE – for those days when you can’t make up your mind!!

All textures and scripts by insights designs.


Below follows a billion and one photos :D


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  1. Gala Charron says:

    I got it and absolutely love it! Gorgeous home.

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thank you Gala <3 I was a bit nervous about releasing it!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Of the 100ish skyboxes in my inventory this is easily the most versatile and beautifully textured space I’ve found so far.
    Lovely work – and thank you for your help in the store today too!

  4. Amisha March says:

    Thank you so much for your comment Eurydice <3 Can't say how happy you have made me this morning :))

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