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Weekend Shopping


There seems to be so many amazing hunts and events all over the grid at the moment and free gifts, so I decided to take some time out from working and go on a discovery mission and while it’s impossible to highlight them all out, I’ve taken a few snapshots to share some of my fantastic finds and bargains from Second Life this weekend.

1.  Old meets new:

A work in progress – Take one  fantastic classic bath tub from Cheeky Pea and then add the stripped back home from Clutter. and you get a great mix of old meets new, traditional and contemporary, luxurious and faded softness.

clutter. the very first flat (direct link to demo)

:Cheeky Pea: Charlotte Bath (Spruce up your Space)

{theosophy} Garvagh Stool (Seasons Hunt)

[croire] rugs from the attic (Group Gift)

:Insight Designs: Reclaimed wood and chalk dresser

2.  In Flight….

A beautiful and creative moving art picture frame which features  “flying”  birds outside a window, and if that was not enough it also includes a white wooden stool packed with animations and a stack of books with a carefully balanced fir spring in a bottle – simply beautiful :)

:: Awesome Blossom :: In Flight Window set

3.  Weekend Getaway…..

Stacie caught my eye a while back  with her beautiful interior pictures and her excellent blog (you can read the original Stacie Pryor featured! article here) and she keeps on catching it! :)

The pied-a-terre is spacious, but step inside and the size is perfect for movement and camming.  You are given a treat of soft, tonal walls and warm floors, but what I really love is the use of space.  One room leads into another and you can catch a glimpse of the next room or peek a glance outside of the window from across the other side.  I have already moved a few of my things in :)

[SPRY] pied-a-terre

Curtain textures:  Coming soon

:LISP Bazaar: Chair (Old Seasons Hunt Gift)

Last but not least, my place to dream, high above my building platform with my head in the clouds!  A great place to relax, look up at the stars and play with the sky settings!

[*Art Dummy!] between autumn and spring. (garden chaise)

So here is where I have been shopping, how about you?  Any great creations that I have missed?  Did you complete the Seasons Hunt?  Which are you’re favourites?

Top photo credits:

Insight Designs – Chalk Board Textures

LP2 – Gardening tool

Fir & Mna – Wellies (Season Hunt)

HPMD – Pink Bird

Picnic – flowerpots

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  1. I love the photos. The weekend sales lately have been incredible. I LOVE the pictures! I wish my talent for lighting and composition were near as good.. gorgeous!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you liked it! <3

  3. Amisha March says:

    <3 Looking forward to the next one Stacie :)

  4. Amisha March says:

    Isla Thank you for building a fabulous bathtub that fitted perfectly :)

  5. Thank you Amisha for the beautiful picture of my “In Flight” Window set and the kind words. I take it as such a compliment coming from someone as truly talented as you. <3

  6. Amisha March says:

    Clementine thank you but I just take the photo, you guys do all the hard work :)

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