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Experimenting with textures.


A texture is a photo that has structures of interwoven elements is in it, especially with respect to the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts.

Textures can add a depth and detail to images, they can bring softness and light or take an image to the depths of grunge – it all depends on your style, mood, the background image, the texture(s) and the result you are trying to achieve!

What I love about using textures as overlays is that there are no hard and fast rules, you can experiment with different layer styles, opacity, blending modes and the results will always be different, add more textures, erase parts with a soft brush, change the hue and you can completely transform an image.

Here’s a little posy of flowers I snapped yesterday:

Grabbing the  “Time after Time”  textures and using a combination of soft light and vivid light blending modes, reducing opacity where needed,  group the set together, then copy the group and merge it together, setting the layer to multiple……….., you can see my work flow in the image below:

With a bit more tweaking, one textured flower photo…..

but why stop there, change the layer styles of the textures, , try multiple or colour burn, reducing the opacity if needed….

With the next one I added the flowers on top of the textures and reduced the opacity of the image so that the flowers fade into the textures.

Feel free to grab the original image and play with the textures, it’s great to see how a different pair of eyes can see and use textures and if you want to show and tell then drop us a link in the comments below

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  1. Love all the different results!

  2. Amisha March says:

    It’s so cool that with just a few tweaks you can change the whole feel of something (and not worry if you make a mistake because you can “undo” lol)


  1. Good Friends » D O Z Y - [...] also used textures and loosely followed a tutorial from Insight Designs to create a bit of an aged look…

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