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Grey Noir – 52 weeks colour challenge


“Grey Noir” for the 52 weeks of colour challenge.  WEEK 1


Walls: Painted wall textures and Builder’s doors, drawers and panels

Floor: mono bare wooden floors (coming soon at Insight Designs)

Curtains:  Grey silk curtains (coming soon at Insight Designs)

Sofa:  ID Grey LOVE Sofa (unavailable)

Mirror by Cherry Branch

Twiggy Candle by MudHoney

Hand Mirror by Dutchie

Old Pots (unavailable)

Decorative Seamstress Dummy by Insight Designs

Noir Sky box (Unavailable)

Photo by Amisha March (windlight preset:shades of grey)

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  1. I totally love that you’re doing the 52 week color challenge with decor. Awesome idea! <3

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thanks Stacie :) When I first saw the challenge I thought of interiors but that’s only because I don’t have enough clothes ;) Time to go shopping maybe :D

  3. Amisha March says:

    Thank you Chic :)

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