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Phoenix is my new Emerald


Today whilst being inworld, after I logged in with the Imprudence Viewer, I realized there’s a new viewer name hanging over some people’s heads. So I searched for the Phoenix Viewer and so I found it. My gut feeling came about maybe by the idea of the fire bird born from the ashes proved to have been right as I read in their press release, where it’s clearly stated that it is built on certain parts of Emerald but it isn’t a renamed version of Emerald.

Have no fear, the Firebirds are here!

It loads as well as logs me in fast, it has all of Emerald’s cool features of course and some new ones too.

Download Phoenix Viewer

One of them cool features, which doesn’t really seem to be implemented as of yet, but at least gives the hope of having it at some point in the future, is the textures view box, where supposedly we’ll be able to see the textures UUID as well, which would be useful for scripts such as Multi Part Texture Changer, when you need the texture’s UUID.  Well, of course you can still right click on the texture in your inventory and then choose “Copy Asset UUID” but having it there in the texture box makes it a bit more obvious, which I really like.


Another feature I liked is the “Skin browser” where you can browse through available viewer skins, select, download and install them instantly. Of course switching to a new skin means you’ll have to restart the viewer.

But I better let you see for yourselves in case you’re interested and still missing Emerald :) Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and that there’ll be more future improvements.

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