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FEATURED! – Stacie Pryor (Sheek)


Introducing a new category – FEATURED!

“A little compote of  love for designers, content creators, photographers, bloggers, stylist and beautiful homes designers, in fact anyone who loves spending creative time in Second Life.”

First up is a glimpse into the work and blogging world of Stacie Pryor.

In her own words “I blog what I like, and I like what I blog” and I’m not gonna disagree with her!  If you take a look at the tempting pictures below all of which can be found over at Sheek then you might agree too :)
In My Place: Episode 1

A place to sleep and dream……..When I stumbled upon this photo earlier today I knew I had found our first FEATURED! SLer.  It was the post In My Place: Episode 1 that Stacie really shows her skill for interior styling (and photography).  Placing beautifully textured pieces of furniture and accessories together to create a little haven of dreamy joy.

In My Place: Episode 1

I love the art work and the cushions thrown in the corner, all ready to curl up by the window on a summers evening and read a good book.

In My Place: Episode 1

Hands up flowers always win with me, then add (iTuTu) and flowers and you have a great combination, but what I really like is the way Stacie has  arranged the furniture here and the whole composition of the  photo.  Light, soft, maybe slightly romantic?  You’ll have to ask Stacie :)

To see more images of Stacie’s beautifully designed home and for full credits drop by Sheek.

NOTE TO STACIE: I’m hoping (seeing as this is called In My Place: Episode 1) that there will be an episode 2 and look forward to seeing  much more of your photography and designs!

But wait there’s more….if interiors are not your thing (then shame on you ;) but Sheek just got a whole lot better and bigger – fashion, reviews, tutorials……all with Stacie’s unique style and  imagery.

Loving the colours and vibrancy……..


Tip for all those with inventories that are verging on explosion (like mine) then you might like this Tutorial: Inventory Management

(images: Stacie Pryor )

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! Your kind words mean so much to me. And yes, there will definitely be an Episode 2 of In My Place, and hopefully many more.

  2. Amisha March says:

    <– Is very happy there is gonna be more :) Thanks Stacie for making wonderful rooms and photos! (and a fab blog too :)


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