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Creating folds and creases in a few easy steps. Photoshop Tutorial.


9fa9221da4f9765bef4b0f084cf85a91The Insight Design Fold Textures are designed to add creases, pleats and folds to other textures.   These are larger folds and pleats more suitable for skirts, robes etc and soft furnishings, rugs, curtains, table cloths.

1. Download the texture(s) from Second Life :


2. Next open up a texture that you wish to add some fold details to in your paint programme.  (Note: Below is the steps in Photoshop)


Here I have chosen a green polka dot fabric from The Garden Party Pack (These folds work on plain or patterned textures)

The fold textures are 1024 x 1024 in size, if your image that you wish to transform is a different size, either re-size the fabric or the fold texture.  For Second life I will often work at 1024 x 1024 (or bigger) and then re-size to 512 x 512 .

3.  Find where you saved the fold texture and open it up.  Place it above the fabric layer (in this case the id_garden_green layer)


4.  Select the id_folds_diagonal layer and click the arrow just inside the layers box and a menu should fly out.  Select Multiply……….folds_3

5. ……and there is your fold over the top of your fabric!

There are no rules when it comes to these textures so have fun…tweak them, distort them, try a different blending mode (I recommend Multiply, Colour Burn and Linear Burn but it depends on the lightness of the fabric underneath and the effect you want to achieve, for example Overlay can give a silky effect and using Difference can completely change the colour whilst still maintaining the folds.  See examples below for more details.

1. Blending mode: Linear Burn. Opacity: 100%folds_5

2.  Blending mode: Difference. Opacity: 100%folds_6

Open up another fabric texture (Here I used one from the Damask Collection) and again place it under the id_folds_diagonal layer.


Blending Mode: Linear Burn.  Opacity: 83%


Try another fold, maybe a straighter one because you need the texture to be seamless…… open the id_folds_straight file and place it above the fabric layer.  Change the blending mode to Linear Burn, opacity 83%…….


Want a crumpled bed sheet or a bit of a twist in your fabric… id_folds_pintuck and again place it above your fabric layer and this time try Colour Burn.


For a silky effect try setting the blending mode to Overlay


Getting the hang of it now?  Here’s the pleated fold Texture (layer 2 in the picture because I forgot to rename it ;) with the blending mode set to Overlay.


And that is it really.  Have fun creating  ruffled bed sheets,  silk folded gowns,  pleated skirts or a pair of swag curtains……


Our website has all the details on our entire texture range, where to buy, inworld store and our Licenses and terms and conditions.

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