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Multi Part Texture Changer with Access Control for linked prims : Walkthrough



When it comes to scripting I know very little (read that as next to nothing) and when it comes to using them I need a simple walkthrough (and a few pictures always helps) to get my head around where I write what and where I should place this.

In the sofa, rug, throw combination above I used the Multi Part Texture Changer with Access Control for linked prims by Lubo Plubeau.

Lubo is my partner in crime and if you haven’t guessed yet he’s the guy who makes all of the scripts at inSight Designs

Hopefully he’ll drop by the blog at some point and pass on he’s far superior knowledge on the topic of scripting rather than me ;)

But I can pass on how I used the script.

First take out the objects you want to use with the script, it could be shoes, jewelery, hair, furniture even whole interiors!  Below I’ve just used our “LOVE” sofa

Snapshot_024I like my sofa but I want to revamp it a bit, add some new textures and patterns. That’s where the multi texture changer script is great, you drop the textures UUID into a notecard, place the notecard into your object along with the script and bob’s your uncle….menu driven texture changing creations!

Step 1.  Link all your objects you would like to change textures together, (Here I have linked just the sofa, rug, throw and cushions but I could have also added the walls and floors)2

Step 2.  There are two different ways of placing the script, either in a seperate object, a box, for example, saying touch me to change textures, (make sure it’s also linked to all the other objects and is the root prim).  Then when someone touches the box a menu will pop up offering all the different options of texture changing you have put inside or…….

………like I have done in the picture below, added the script to a prim within my linked group thats texture will stay the same (in this case the shadow under the chair….it doesn’t need to change) and make this the root prim.


Step 3.  Now name each single object in your linked set, I’ve called the cushions, cushion 1, cushion 2 and so on.  If you want a group of prims within the whole group to change texture then name all those parts the same name (for example on my sofa I want the cushions to all change seperately but I want the sofa parts to all change together abd have the same texture, so I named each object that makes the sofa……sofa (original eh? :)



Step 4.  The note cards: First lets create a new notecard for cushion 1, name it mptConfig::Cushion 1=cushion 1::

(Cushion 1 relates to the name that will appear on the button of the drop down menu and cushion 1 is the name of the object)

Inside the notecard add the following line: Texture 1=::=Texture 1’s UUID

Texture 1 what you want to call the texture (so purple or grunge for example) and it is also the name that will appear on the drop down menu. Texture 1’s UUID is the number and letter combination that every texture has (what is a UUID and how do I find it?)

So in my notecard for cushhion 1 I should have added the following:


The picture below hopefully shows you in a bit more detail.


Save the notecard and drop it into the root prim.

Step 5.  Next the best part, play around with your textures……Snapshot_015Snapshot_016Snapshot_016a

…….until you find a combination that you like and once everything is in place (all notecards added and named correctly) a drop down menu should appear like this upon touch….Snapshot_021

You can change single sides of a prim as well with this script and it also comes with a handy Access Control which allows the owner of the object to set up who has access to the menu and as with all Lubo’s scripts, they are designed to create as low lag as possible and to use the least amount of resources as possible.

You can read all of the reviews here or drop by insight Designs inworld and try our texture changing sofa for yourself :)

Revamped and updated sofa

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  1. What a help! Thank you both (Lubo included as I was able to speak with him earlier) for being such talented and sharing people!
    Will guide everyone to purchase whatever from yall!

  2. Amisha March says:

    Thank you Locode…glad we could help :)

  3. Love this script only wish I have is that if you could have sub menus as well for example fabric for a menu then the various fabric textures,Fur then the various fur textures ect. Other wise this is a great product.

  4. Really glad to hear you like it. There are indeed few more features that might be added, the problem then on hand – the script’s size grows up which increases the memory usage on the sim and also leaves less room for user’s (config) data, that is less prims/textures. On the other hand (some of) these features would only be used or are important to a small group of all customers, so I decided to “keep it simple” :) I also have never turned down anyone who needed a custom version of any of my scripts and if you’re interested, you could gladly contact me further and I’m sure we’ll find a solution.

  5. Kip Ashbourne says:

    Love the Script! so easy to set up Just wish it read the card in the order I placed the textures lol I got menus with things like Stripe 8 Seashell Stripe 3 etc lol

  6. Thank you, Kip! If I understand your issue correctly then it’s most probably the way LSL places the buttons on the menu. Maybe having a look here and especially at the table Button Order will show you how it’s done, so you could fix it maybe. You’re also more than welcome to contact me in-world and we can have a look together :)


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