License for full permission Sculpties/sculptie packs for Second Life®

Our license (and terms and conditions of use) is included within all our products and is available to view from the product vendors before you make a purchase at our store inSight Designs Textures. It is also available online at insightdesigns and as a downloadable PDF at the Second Life Market Place. It is the Buyer's responsibility to read and understand this license before purchase. If you are unsure about anything in our License, please contact us directly.

InSight Designs offers sculpties and sculptie packs with FULL PERMISSIONS for use only within Second Life®. You may download the textures (including the shadow maps) contained within the sculptie packs and edit them within an image editing software but the resulting derivative(s) is still subject to our license. As purchaser you have the right to use them within your personal and commercial projects within Second Life®. The sculptie files are no modify and therefore are not allowed to be used outside of Second Life®.

It is NOT permitted to:
  • sell or distribute any of these sculpties /sculptie packs/textures (including derivatives) for free or commercial gain, or where the derived product you are selling or distributing is a texture or a collection of textures or a sculptie or sculptie pack.
  • sell or give away any of these sculpties /sculptie packs/textures (modified or not) as a single sculpt/ texture or in a texture/sculpt pack! (not limited to but including business in a box, free full permission)
  • remove the license (or any other parts) from the pack and redistribute it.
  • share our full permission sculpties /sculptie packs/textures (including derivatives) with any third person inside or outside Second Life® and any other virtual worlds or to distribute these sculpties /sculptie packs/textures (including derivatives) on any other website.
  • use these sculpties /sculptie packs/textures (including derivatives) within full permission prims, creations and builds within Second Life®.
  • share or sell any prims, images, builds and creations that use our textures (including derivatives) with a third person or parties inside or outside Second Life® and other virtual worlds.
  • resell/redistribute the sculpties /sculptie packs/textures (including derivatives) as part of a build, product, or outfit, with full permissions. Mod/copy, mod/transfer, or copy/transfer permissions must be used.
  • Download the sculpt map image to reverse engineer it, or modify the said sculpt map.

All sculpties /sculptie packs/textures remain the ownership of Amisha March (and real life counterpart) and Lubo Plubeau (and real life counterpart), the sculpties /sculptie packs/textures are licensed to you only for use within Secondlife®.
All items in the product/files are original works.
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